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Why choose an R/O

Why choose an R/O machine

Well after seeing the video that we took from our own office R/O machine, we think you will think twice when turning on your tap in the kitchen and pouring a drink of water.

The video that we took is from the membrane of our unit that was 8 months old, as you'll see that brown colour on the membrane is full of mud, rust, and other metals, along with chlorine, nitrates, chromium and other nasties.

So the question is why are more and more people turning to Reverse Osmosis machines.?

Well apart from our units being the ONLY units in Australia that have the backing and endorsement from Environmental Health, as well as filtering successfully 99.9% of the rubbish in our everyday drinking water, we are actually helping to give you and your family better drinking water, which in turn gives and brings about better living and healthier living.

Don't take our word for it, try our units for yourself and see why Phat Water Filters are gathering such a following.

Everyday we get such comments as:

"I thought your units were extremely cheap I didn't think they would live up to being a good unit " - Paul D - Booragoon - WA

PhatWater Response: Cheap is not a reflection on quality when you deal direct with a manufacturer that specialises in filter technology and who invest heavily in constant research and development to bring competitive products to the market that competitors fear.

" I saw your advert but I thought wow they are too cheap I had seen similar units for over $1,000 and gee whiz how wrong was I, and god how much money did I save, good on Phat Water Filters " - Angela R - Scarborough - WA

PhatWater Response:
Once again cheap pricing is not a reflection on quality when you deal direct with a manufacturer that specialises in filter technology and who invests heavily in constant research and development to bring competitive products to the market that competitors fear. Our competitors do make substantial margins,
but I think you would much prefer saving on our units and thus stretching the family budget further, or spending the savings on your mortgage or treating your loved ones to something special. Feel good about the fact when we make a sale you are part of improving someone else's life. Remember just because it costs a fortune, doesn't mean it is the best..!!!

"After coming to your office and trying the difference in the water before I bought one, sheesh what a difference testing the water from the unit makes before purchasing " - Douglas & Mira - Lancellin - WA

PhatWater Response: Try before you buy, why not get our competitors sample and do a taste comparison and see how much more you will be paying, even after your purchase. We know many of our competitors do NOT do a try before you buy, because they are there to turn over units quickly, however our motives are directed towards healthier lifestyles and making affordable units easier to access.

" I've been using your unit for several months now, am I so glad i seen your advert, it is the best money I ever spent to be honest " - Anonymous - Aquarium Owner - Unit used primarily for their expensive aquarium - Willagee - WA

PhatWater Response: We are glad you are pleased with your unit, and we also thank you for your support.

" I can't believe the value for money, and a company that actually backs up what they promise and say, and your customer service, a company that actually cares what their customers say and want " - Margaret - Roma - QLD

PhatWater Response: We empower our customers with our shared knowledge. We also apply this principal from our customers perspective, we do appreciate and value what they have to say. To many companies these days forget what got them there "Customer Service" we have from day one emphasized to ALL our clients that we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and majority of clients back that up. We work 365 days of the year, including all holidays, does your local filter company do the same.?

" I was told by the installer he would drop around the next day to make sure everything was running fine, I thought yeh yeh yeh I'll never see him again, low and behold next day I was dumbfounded to see the installer back at my place to make sure everything was fine, i didn't think there such a thing as good old fashioned customer service these days, let alone a company who lives up to their word, I'm definately recommending this company to all my friends " - Lucy F - Joondalup - WA

PhatWater Response: Our installation and maintenance service is guaranteed and backed up. We do not short cut, nor do we give our customers false information or excuses, if we say we will be there, we will..!!

" I bought a unit from the internet, initially I was hesitant because of so many rip offs that you hear, but I took the chance, around 5 days later my reverse osmosis kit arrived, very straight forward instructions on how to install it, I actually had to make a quick call to the company, after about 5 minutes on the phone I knew what I had to do and I'm sitting back enjoying pure water as it is supposed to be - Thanks Phat Water " - Deidre - Newtown - NSW

PhatWater Response: Well we are glad you're happy with your purchase, and I assure all our clients or potential clients your online security is important to us and we will do our utmost to keep it that way, as far as telephone support for trouble shooting, this is just part of the service, we pride ourselves on making our customers happy.

" I don't normally give feedback to many companies, but my sister had purchased one of your water filters and brought it with her on a visit to me, I live in an apartment and the water quality is not so good, I attached this unit to keep it portable I have to tell you - I LOVE IT - it is kept under the sink and out of the way - when are you going to have your company here in Singapore because so many families will make benefit of your wonderful filters " - Marisol - Sengkang - Singapore

PhatWater Response: Firstly Marisol, thank you and we are glad you enjoy your 'Aussie" unit, this just goes to show people from all over the globe are starting to reap the benefits of our units, regardless of race, religion or creed healthier lifestyles are for EVERYONE.
And the fact that even in Singapore they are using the adaptor that comes with every unit to keep it portable.

" Hi Phat Water, I thought I would drop you a few lines to express my gratitude - I'm not sure if you remember me, but I called you about a older style unit I had and needed filter replacements.?
I'd just like to say a big thank you for great information, advice but more so taking the time to replace my filters and give me valuable advice on replacements, I shall always bring my business back to you guys - I have to tell you though, before I came to you I had called (company name edited), what a bunch of self centered unhelpful gits who gave me the run around, all for 3 filters - guess who I am NOT going to anymore.? " - Reggie T - Fremantle - WA

PhatWater Response: Reggie we do remember you, I'm so glad we could be of help to you, sorry but we had to edit the company you previous dealt with but needless to say we get the point. It only takes a moment to be helpful with either replacing filters, or giving advice and that way you are sure to get the best performance, even from an older styled unit. We look forward to seeing you in the future.

Purchased a unit from us or been given a gift of one of our units.?
Like to give us feedback.?
We'd love to hear from you, good - bad - or indifferent.
With you as a customer your feedback ensures we keep bringing top quality service and products.
Click Here to tell us what you think.


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