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Phat Water Filter Compact with 8 Stage Shower

Sales price without tax $ 745.00
Phat Water Phase 2 Filter
5 Stage Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier -
8 Stage Shower Filter

Please note the kit DOES actually come complete with ALL filters .

Stage One: PP 5 micron sediment pre-filter, removing dirt and rust and sand

Stage Two: Granular activated Carbon Filter, removes 99% of chlorine and organic chemicals, also removes odour and colour impurities

Stage Three: PP 1 micron sediment pre-filter removing 99% T.D.S (Total Dissolve Solids) rejection performance

Stage Four: 0.0001 Reverse Osmosive Membrane Thin Film Composite (TFC) removes toxic metals, germs, bacteria, chromium, barium, radium
and selenium

Stage Five: Inline Post Carbon Filter

Height: 30cm
Width: 20cm
Length: 38cm

This is the most compact unit on the market today.

This unit because of the unique design and features, also saves on mess and fuss when changing over filter cartridges, you change from the top, not like normal traditional units where you had to undo the cannisters from the bottom of the unit, which meant water spillage everywhere, and busting knuckles.


1) Space saving due to how we manufacture the unit with membrane and post filter on the back

2) Replacing filters has never been easier, with our special spanner and replacing filters from the TOP save time, mess and fuss, and less moving about of the system

3) Special spanner not only tightens and un tightens the cannisters, it is also dual purpose for tightening and un tightening of the membrane casing

4) Less cost on replacement filters for stages 1 - 2 - 3 - 5

5) Will fit any small or confined space

What Our Kits Come With:

  •  5 Stage Water Purifier
  • 15 Litre ReservoirTop of Sink Faucet
  • Connection Tubing
  • Filter Cannister Spanner - Our own unique styled spanner
  • Wall Mounting Bracket
  • Dual Tap Connector - Connect to water mains threaded tap for complete portability Reservoir Tap
  • Mains Connector On/Off Valve
  • John Guest Fittings Main Valve for easier and reliable connections


Phat Water 8 Stage Shower Filter

Unique design and only available from Phat Water.


Superb Shower Filter can be used for multiple purposes.

Use it for your shower or washing machine filtration.

  • 80,000 litre super processing capacity
  • High technology advanced REDOX material
  • 8 stages water treatment. (double cartridge)
  • First stage: Stainless Steel Micro Filter
  • Second stage: Imported the USA KDF material
  • Third stage: Granular Activated Carbon
  • Last stage: Calcium Sulfite
  • Size: Size 5.2 cm diameter
Units in box: 131074
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