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We constantly get asked how easy or difficult is it to set up one of our R/O machines.?

Well because our company strives to satisfy every one of our customers, and develop easy instructions for the basic user, right up to the professional person, if you follow our instructions you will have no problems what so ever installing our units..

The below diagram is for infusing our units into your every day water supply, we encourage the use of a qualified plumber, so in the event anything goes wrong, at least your plumber has insurance to cover any damage caused by him/her.

We do have DIY customers who have found it quite easy to infuse the system into their water supply, however it is not the kind of job for everyone, that is also another reason many are choosing to use our supplied adaptor and using our units in their laundry rooms, for ease of use, ease of installing, but also the fact our units can be installed in 30 minutes or less, can be wall mounted, or fitted snuggly in your laundry room cupboard with minimal tubing exposed, and you'll be producing fresh clean pure water in no time flat.

Another good reason why it is extremely practical to keep our units portable is in the event you move house, want to take the unit with you camping, or take the unit to another residence, it can be disconnected and taken with you in a matter of moments, and re-set into the new location again within minutes.

If you're unsure or don't feel competant enough to install our unit by yourself, then contact us and we can put you in touch with an installer.

For those located in the Perth, Western Australia region - Your local authorised installer is: Geoff - 0402 416 568

For other installers check out our directory for a distributor close to you, your distributor will have a list of installers you can choose from.

If you'd like a more detailed instruction list or diagram, there is one listed, however you must register first before you can access that information, registration only takes but a few moments.

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