8 Stage Shower Filter
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This 8 Stage Shower Filter is much like it's sister product the 4 Stage, however with this unit it uses a double cartridge, giving you 8 stages of filtration, yes you read it correctly 8 stages of filtration. Both units are stand out products when it comes to shower filtration. But again you can use these units in the shower, the bath, or even use it on your washing machine tap, the choice is yours. If you haven't read this case on the 4 stage page, then you really need to read it now to fully comprehend what is in our water system.
A case in question: A middle aged woman left Australia for an overseas destination for a body detox procedure, she was enjoying fresh un polluted water, showering and drinking this clean source of life, upon returning to Australia after only a couple of days of being back here, she broke out in rashes, and irritated skin, all from our own water here in Australia. What we must say though is she left to detox her body because she was initially suffering skin irritations in the first place, after several days in her overseas location her skin complaint healed up completely, but that all changed back to normal when she arrived back to Perth, Western Australia and started using good ol aussie water again.
The Conclusion: Well you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out the harshness of our water causes not only skin complaints but many others. So because of so many requests for us to develop a substantial shower filter we have come up with not one but two new units. These are the Rolls Royce and Bentley's of Shower Filters, they are not cheap and nasty plastic units like you see on the market, they are solid, backed by our no qualms 12 months warranty.
If you are using a Reverse Osmosis Unit, or buying expensive bottled water because you hate the taste of the tap water, then you really NEED to consider buying a shower filter, no use giving your body pure water for drinking, but when in a hot shower or bath when your pores open up and take in massive amounts of chlorine and fluoride and calcium and copper, then you are defeating the whole purpose. If you haven't purchased one of our Reverse Osmosis Units, but were considering it, then check out the shop, we are now doing excellent 'combo' deals, buy a R/O unit for drinking, and one for showering or bathing. These units have a multitude of uses, you can also use it when doing your laundry.

Feedback from Phat Water Clients

Us here in Philippines have not so good water, very bad to taste, and after shower always feel sticky and unclean, my friend show me this device, it goes on the shower in less than 5 minutes, but oh my god after the first couple showers, ah feels like step from spa, no more sticky or unclean feeling, my kids also love it. Now we buy the drinking water one because shower one is good you all must try you not regret Salamat Phat.
Eunice Sebastian - Manila - Philippines
've known the owner of Phat Water Australia for a long time, so it was no surprise to hear he had produced a shower filter that is this good, he is perdantic about his products and so he should be, I travel a great deal, so I get to many locations, especially South East Asia where the water is horrendous, I also have my family home in Indonesia, again the water is terrible, I now have Shower Filters in my homes here and Indonesia, my skin and my families skin and hair have never been healthier - do yourselves a real favour, try it out you'll see why everyone is raving about these units
THEY ACTUALLY WORKCharlene Astana - Surabaya- Indonesia & Newtown - Sydney
Hi Geoff, The water tastes so much better, especially boiled. (Boiled tap water has a funny taste).Since using your filter I've only had 2 mild headaches as opposed to my constant migraine. I'm thrilled about that! My daughter's dandruff is also much better, but she started using an organic shampoo at about the same time we purchased the shower filter so not sure if it's the water or shampoo or the combination. Either way it's lovely to know that we're not showering in chemicals anymore. We'll keep you updated.... Regards, Leigh
Leigh Wasserfall - South Australia
Hi guys, i finally got around to installing my reverse osmosis unit and the water tastes great. Oh yea just some other feedback for you guys, i have the shower filter too and it rocks!!! I have noticed a huge difference in my skin since using it, TOP STUFF !!!
Matthew Heffernan - Sydney- Australia
Hi Phatwater, I just wanted to give you some feedback about my experience using your shower filter. I was alittle sceptical at first, but thought what the hey I can't make a decision unless I try it, I have tried a few of these so called best on the market ones, and honestly I may as well donated the money to charity, they were useless. I then tried your unit and I am over the moon, my hair feels softer with more life, my skin softer like I have had a treatment, get ready for more orders as I have told all my friends to get one - Thank you very much for a fan - tas - tic product.
Ariel Neilson - Bondi - Australia

Specifications of the unit

  • 80,000 litre super processing capacity or around 12 months use
  • High technology advanced REDOX material
  • 8 stages water treatment. (double cartridge)
  • First stage: Stainless Steel Micro Filter
  • Second stage: Imported the USA KDF material
  • Third stage: Granular Activated Carbon
  • Last stage: Calcium Sulfide
  • Size: Size 5.2cm diameter × 16.8cm length
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