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4 Stage Shower Filter

Have you ever wondered when you are showering or bathing, or simply doing your washing, why the water is so harsh on your skin or clothes.?

The simple fact is, if you're using city supplied main water, then reality is your water you bath in or wash your clothes in is full of chemicals, bacteria, nitrates to name a few.

Ever thought when showering you have smelt chlorine.? Your not alone, our water supply is so backed up with an overload of chemicals that it is inevitable you will occasionally get a full on smell of chlorine.

Mains water supply is chock full of over 35 major health worrying chemicals, of these immense amount of chemicals only 6 are filtered, and not to well either.

Toxins, a major cause of concern to everyone's health is NOT filtered by the mains water boards across Australia, unbelievable but TRUE.

Phat Water has been researching for awhile now, the full affect of how the main water supply is affecting people and their health in general, the results we get back from different parties is astounding.

A case in question: A middle aged woman left Australia for an overseas destination for a body detox procedure, she was enjoying fresh un polluted water, showering and drinking this clean source of life, upon returning to Australia after only a couple of days of being back here, she broke out in rashes, and irritated skin, all from our own water here in Australia.

What we must say though is she left to detox her body because she was initially suffering skin irritations in the first place, after several days in her overseas location her skin complaint healed up completely, but that all changed back to normal when she arrived back to Perth, Western Australia and started using good ol aussie water again.

The Conclusion: Well you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out the harshness of our water causes not only skin complaints but many others.

So because of so many requests for us to develop a substantial shower filter we have come up with not one but two new units.

These are the Rolls Royce of Shower Filters, they are not cheap and nasty plastic units like you see on the market, they are solid, backed by our no qualms 12 months warranty.

If you are using a Reverse Osmosis Unit, or buying expensive bottled water because you hate the taste of the tap water, then you really NEED to consider buying a shower filter, no use giving your body pure water for drinking, but when in a hot shower when your pores open up and take in massive amounts of chlorine and fluoride, then you are defeating the whole purpose.

If you haven't purchased one of our Reverse Osmosis Units, but were considering it, then check out the shop, we are now doing excellent 'combo' deals, buy a R/O unit for drinking, and one for showering or bathing.

These units have a multitude of uses, you can also use it when doing your laundry.


Feedback from Phat Water Clients:

" Phat Water I just have to give you some feedback about your shower filters, after years of having my hair change colour after highlighting because of the chlorine in the water, you guys have literally saved me thousands of dollars, your shower filter is bloody excellent and my skin is softer - EVERYONE should have one of these in their house " - Jenna Mafen - Brisbane - Queensland

" After finding you mob on the net, I was skeptical your shower filters could do as you stated, I have adult ezchema my dermatologist said nothing can be done I just have to live with it, well I took the plunge because i wanted to not be continually showering in fluoride and chlorine and guess what? 2 weeks later NO ezchema - what do doctors know, now I tell all my friends about you " - Michael Klein - Frankston - Victoria

" I am the woman used in the above scenario, Phat Water are correct, I was just a mess before I went overseas to detox, getting back to this water here was a nightmare, I used to scratch myself silly, I was so itchy, my skin was horrible, my insides felt irrated all the time, so I switched over to a Phat Water Reverse Osmosis Unit, and I also purchased the shower filter as well and now I am on top of the world, these guys really do know their stuff, if you want to do something healthy for yourself or your family, get a R/O unit and Shower Unit, it's the best investment you'll make " - Margaret H- Mundaring- Western Australia

Specifications of the unit:

40,000 litre super processing capacity
or approximately 10 - 12 months
High technology advanced REDOX material
4 stages water treatment. (single cartridge)
First stage: Stainless Steel Micro Filter
Second stage: Imported the USA KDF material
Third stage: Granular Activated Carbon
Last stage: Calcium Sulfide
Size: Size 5.1cm diameter × 17.5cm length


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